Tymczasowe Drogi Modułowe
farma fotowoltaiczna

Solar farms

Solar farms occupy an increasing area of our country, and therefore they are much more often located in hard-to-reach areas. Delivery of light elements does not cause problems for contractors, while heavy transformer stations may become a challenge. Elements weighing several tons must reach the site, and then be unloaded and installed. As an example of our contribution to the development of clean energy, another successful implementation. Within 72 hours from the first contact with the Client, we reached the place of work in the Lubuskie region. We started the installation of an access road with a length of almost 400 meters for the delivery of 4 transformer stations, which took 2 working days in unfavorable conditions. On site, we found a partially constructed road made of reinforced concrete slabs, from which our Client resigned, relying on our experience. The solution which was used allowed to implement in safe and quickly way the road to delivery the transformer stations entered according to plan 😊