Tymczasowe Drogi Modułowe
Wind Farm Korytnica

Korytnica wind farm

Another successful achievement using different types of road plates as temporary ground protection. This time, we had to tackle a marshy meadow in the Korytnica region. Thanks to the Metrum and Aluminium plates, we constructed a smooth descent from the asphalt road, bypassing the most challenging terrain conditions. Later on, we used the Strong plates for a long straight section, and right before the wind power plant, we employed the local Steel plates. This allowed our client to avoid costly and time-consuming preparations using local roads. After completing the road, the following vehicles effortlessly accessed it: a 12-ton/axle mobile crane, transport trucks with ballasts, and oversized deliveries with wind turbine blades, which prefer gradual longitudinal slopes. We only used the road plates we offer for construction, eliminating the need to restore the land to its original state as required with typical road materials. We extend our gratitude to Iberdrola for their trust!


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